Sunday, October 11, 2009

Southern California Beauty

Carlsbad has a wonderful climate for growing flowers year-round although spring is still the best. The pictures are from the roadside along the freeway. The second photo is at the bottom of a freeway entrance.

The bell (on a tall post) in the top photo is like one of the Mission Bells on the El Camino Real. The El Camino is a road following the route the Catholic Monks followed as they came from Mexico to Northern California. They formed missions one day's walk along the way.

We had relatives here from Michigan last month and took them about 40 miles north  to the  San Juan Capistrano Mission. It is one of the best maintained of the whole mission system. Even though it was originally built in 1776, we were able to view many of the original walls and furnishings.
    San Juan Capistrano is also known for the return of the Swallows each year on St. Joseph's Day (March 19).The swallows are reputed to leave on October 23 to migrate to Argentina, and then return again on March 19. Locals told us they almost arrive within a day or two of that date.