Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Heart Postcards

It's been a week of rain here in "sunny" Southern California. We haven't had this much rain in five years. We drove down to the beach a couple times to watch the waves and surf. They are incredibly beautiful - the power of the ocean is hard to describe.

While inside during the rain, I finished four heart postcards I've been working on for a  mixed media swap. They're the first I've done and I'm quite happy with them. Now I plan to make some for the grandkids for Valentine's Day. Here they are:

I love working with muted and monocromatic color schemes. I never get tired of the soft colors.
I used distress crackle on this one to give an aged look but the lines show up too much on the face. I do love purple valentines though.
My favorite. Isn't the girl sweet?
The small pink dots are beads. The ruffe around the edge is a ribbon I had in my crazy quilt stash.