Saturday, December 12, 2009

Grandchildren's Birthdays

November and December bring a rash of birthdays to our family - anniversaries too; so I've been busy trying to get cards made and out to those who might enjoy them.

My granddaughter Kiera is into the 1920's in fashion and make-up so I made her this card using scrapbooking paper. She seemed to love the card.

Danny turned 20 today and I sent him this card because he loves animals. They usually have 2-3 dogs, 5 birds,  8-9 cats, and a variety of smaller animals at any given time.

It's fun for me to watch my growth as I make cards and do other paper art - each year's cards seem a little better with more detail and precision. They also seem to enjoy the handmade touch from "grandma" almost as much as the gift that accompanies it. Tyler turned 21 in November but he seemed too old for a handmade card. Maybe next year I can think of something more appropiate for a 20+ year old young man.

Thank God for grandchildren!!!

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