Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Mixed Media project finished, yeah!

I finally finished the class project from Carol Murphy's Enucastic Wax class at Stamping Details in Poway CA. It was my first experience using waxes and I loved their ease of use and the wonderful effect they create. We used gold, black, and brown. I want to try a project using pastel waxes - would love to see how they look.
We also used Mod Podge, gold leaf pen, tacky glue, and various other embellishments.
Stamping Details is a great shop for Mixed Media artists. Lots of classes and the largest selection of mixed media supplies I've found in the area. The staff is also wonderfully helpful.


  1. What did you end up using to attach the wire?

  2. I used a glue gun because the wire kept falling off with other glues; then attached the buttons and flowers to hide the glue.

  3. Regarding women detective books: have you read the The Number One Ladies Detective Agency series by Alexander McCall Smith? (I think being made into an HBO series.) Humorous more than anything, with cute characters. I would call it Detective-Lite. Love your blog. I am impressed with the time you have put into it already.
    Barb H.