Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Water Adventure

I had quite an experience on Friday - a definite adventure. Our 2 daughters, grandson and his friend were here for the week-end; so we decided to go to the Carlsbad Lagoon for an afternoon of water sports. We rented a kayak and a paddle boat. Everyone else went off into the water while Dave (my husband) and I watched from shore taking pictures and enjoying the day.

Now I don't swim but for several years now,I've had a dream to take a long term kayak trip; so I decided to take the opportunity to start practicing on a kayak. I told the boys that hubby and I would take the kayak for awhile ( Mistake #1); I don't swim (Mistake #2); but I was smart enough to humble myself and go ask for a LARGE life vest (Positive #1) so Dave and I paddled off enjoying the thrill of the adventure (Positive #2); we safely got as far as we wanted to go (Positive #3) turned around and headed back with me at the paddle (Mistake #3) when a speed boat comes by and we started to rock and then roll our little kayak; Oops we went into the water (remember I don't swim) so I tried to touch the bottom - no bottom plus I now have a mouthful of very salty water. Now what? Hold my breath and float - good so far; but now what? As I start to panic,Dave yells to grab the edge of the kayak which is now turned over. Easier said than done but I was able to grab the edge still hanging onto the paddle - Dave is on the other side thinking I'm under the kayak and panicing. So I kick and kick all the while hanging onto the kayak and paddle - heading towards shore. Then my grandson's friend sees us and they come running to our aid. Our daughter, Andrea, arrives riding her paddle boat and now the fun starts. Dave gets out and sees I'm alive (Positive #4) and he heads to shore. I'm still on my back trying to float, stand up, or anything else that will get me into an upright position. Oops the bottom is very slippery and I can't stand up but just keep sliding back down; so I hang onto daughter my and the paddle boat (oops again - I'm going under the paddle boat and am afraid I'll pull daughter and boat on top of me. Once more Grandson and friend to the rescue. They pulled and dragged me until I was finally on solid ground.(Positive #5).

I'm laughing and embarrassed; Dave is stressed; and the kids have one more adventure to add to our family history.

In all a positive experience: I've taken a kayak and I survived. Don't know if if still want to take that extended kayak trip - maybe learning to swim should come first.

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  1. Glad I found your blog. I lived in Palm Springs for 21 years before moving to Florida where some of my family is. You are very adventurous, more than me. However, my sis in law and bro go Kayaking. They had a very similar experience, and she was petrified, as she went under the kayak. Life vests are a must! I have several blogs, one is http://aliveover65.blogspot.com It has music to listen to also. Great craft and pics. Carol (aka calicocarolj)